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Is It Ok For Other People To Discipline Your Kids?

Today on the show Monty and Yumi discussed other people trying to discipline their children…

“Do you know what drives me crackers? When people tell off my kids when I’m there!” Monty said.

“When I’m standing right there and it’s up to me to tell them not to do something…. but somebody will jump in.”

“I find that this happens quite a bit” Monty continued..

“I’m not too precious Yum’s, like tell them off IF I’m not there, if they’re being ratbags…GET IN THERE….”

“But I have a friend and family member in my life, that, if I’m standing there and my little boy says ‘can I have that’….I feel like it’s MY job to say Bax, say please or thankyou… but they’ll butt in and do it for me!” she said.

She believes that’s HER JOB not anyone else’s.

“I don’t think you can discipline anyone else’s kid while the parent is there…do you think this Yum’s?” Monty asked.

Yumi actually disagreed with Monty on this one saying, “I think you kind of can…cause some kids are jerks!”

With the girls divided, we want to know what you think!

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