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How Bec Judd's Daughter Left Her Red Faced At School Dropoff

Women and their handbags... 

Bec, like so many others, have what we like to call a Mary Poppins bag... It's like a never ending treasure trove and you never know what you are going to find. 

From socks, a toy car, baby wipes, makeup, all the essentials a few non essential items, there's not much Bec could be left wanting if caught in a precarious situation while out and about. 

However, it occasionally also lends itself to interesting conversations when her daughter Billie decides to go trawling through... 

Recently Billie decided to dig out Bec's tampons, remove them from the box and yell out a hilarious message to her mother at school pickup.

Let's just say it's probably good it was only mothers at the school gate on that day to save embarrassment. 

WATCH The video above to see what Billie exclaimed. 

We can't stop laughing! 

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