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Bec Judd Showed Us Her Formal Pics. Butterfly Clips And All!

Now this is just too good not to share. 

We were talking formals today on the 3pm Pick Up. And while Yumi claims she has no photos of her in fancy dress, we did manage to secure a pic of the lovely Bec Judd (then Twigley).

It has all the elements of the early noughties. 

Triangle midriff *tick

Thin eyebrows *tick

Butterfly clips *double tick 

Take a look for yourself. 

We think it is marvelous! 


"I still remember, it was so cool, mum gave me some money to get my hair done," Bec said. 

"You know when butterfly clips were in? I had this twisty hair that my hairdresser sprayed with glitter hairspray then I had every twist, twisted with a butterfly clip in a different colour.

"It was all the rage back in 2000.

"At the time I thought I looked like a million bucks, mate... Looking back now, I've shown the photo to my husband, yeah it's funny. 

"I had the gloves up to my elbows, long gloves and the midriff and i realised my makeup was far too white and my eyebrows were far too thin!"

Of course in true Yumi style, she wore a dress inherited by her grandmother. 

Tres vintage!

The subject of formals arose after we heard about the amazing event over the weekend put on my Minus18. 

In Melbourne's St Kilda, there was a large scale event, giving LGBTIQ students the opportunity to go to a formal in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. 

"It was basically providing a safe space for LGBTI kids teenage kids to have a formal... but feel safe and included," Yumi said. 

"So they take their partner, maybe have a disco pash!" Bec added. 

"Hold hands, dress sort of in a really self-expressive way and not feel that they are going against the hetero-normative kinda thing that does happen at school formals," Yumi said. 

"It's run by a youth charity called Minus 18 and they had 500 kids come in [from far and wide]."

The significance of the event wasn't lost on the girls. 

"It'd be one of the best and most formative events of their life you'd imagine," Bec said. 

We hope everyone past, present and future can look back to their formal night with fond memories. 

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