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Bec Judd’s Controversial Comments About Elective C-Sections

Ultimately, childbirth comes down to personal preference and the health of mum and bub.

But after three pregnancies and four children, Bec Judd felt compelled to share her experiences and give real-life guidance for all the future mums out there.

Going through two natural births and one c-section to deliver her twin boys last year, she has a very clear preference on which method she prefers.

Natural birth by a country mile!

“Mate, it’s horrific… compared to having a natural delivery, oh, it kills, it absolutely kills,” Bec said.

“The fact that you are awake in major abdominal surgery is mind boggling and freaky.

The inevitable 5:30am wake up post Daylight Savings. Lucky they're cute!

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“I remember I was lying there on the operating table and I started pretty much having a panic attack, my heart was going nutso – I felt like it was jumping out of my chest.

“And I think ‘am I going to die? What’s going on?’, which actually was completely normal.”

Obviously everyone’s experiences, pain thresholds and circumstances are different – and we by no means would shame a mother regardless of her delivery method.

But for Bec, c-sections were not her preferred method.

“There’s people everywhere, there’s bright lights, I’m about to meet my twins, it was kind of an emergency caesarean, I was stressed my whole pregnancy and then I’m pretty much having a panic attack,” she said.

“It was wild. It was wild.

The most special of boxes...... thank you @jackandjillboxes

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“Then when all your meds wear off later on the pain is excruciating!

“After I had Oscar my first child naturally, well I had an epidural, but as soon as that wore off yeah it hurt a little bit, you used a lot of ice but the next day or two it was fine.

“These Caesars… two weeks!”

Of course, then there’s other side effects of having a caesarean like scarring on your abdomen and then there’s the ‘ledge’ or ‘sausage shelf’ that can stay with you.

“Ladies, if you’re thinking of an… elective Caesar but your baby is in a normal natural position for a natural delivery I’d go natural all the way baby!” Bec said.

Thankfully all of her deliveries led to happy, healthy children and that’s what matters most! 

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