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Bec Judd & Monty Reveal Their Biggest Fear About Childbirth

Regardless of if you have a c-section or deliver naturally, when giving birth there is going to be pain.

There will be a lot of emotions. A lot of doctors poking around in intimate areas of a woman's body. 

But both Bec and Monty have agreed what their biggest fear was heading into labour (aside from not coming home with a healthy mum and bub). 


90% of women delivering naturally are said to poo while giving birth. 

But thankfully for Bec and Monty, despite five child birthing experiences between them, they are in the 10%. 

Although both had some horror storries of friends who are in the majority. 

Including one woman who became completely distracted during active labour because she STOOD in her own excrement. 

At least they have a very adorable baby at the other end of the experience to completely consume every other thought or memory. 

Was pooing during labour one of your concerns while giving birth? 

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