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Bec Judd Hits Back At The Critics Who Zero In On Her Weight

“Do you eat? OMG, you eat!?”

It’s a common thing to hear when you are Bec Judd.

Apparently being naturally slender opens it up for everyone to make discouraging comments about her size, food habits and non-existent eating disorders.

Monty assures us that she is in fact a ‘good eater’.

These boys... constantly clawing at me and ripping my hair out. Lucky they're cute 😍

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While filming ‘Postcards’ TV show, Bec was doing her job while at a beautiful winery, sat in front of a plate of scrumptious looking chilli mussels preparing for a piece to camera.

Nearby, however, she could hear a group of older women – approximately in their 60s – snickering and making snide comments and bets about how ‘they bet she doesn’t eat it’.

Unbeknownst to them, at the end of filming the segment, Bec is instructed to leave the plate so that the camera crew can do their close-up shots and additional filming – so hosts rarely ever get to eat the food in front of them!

Yuuuuuuuuuuuum! @pascalebarandgrill at @qtmelbourne

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But of course, this just gave the group of opinionated women the opportunity to continue their judgement, loudly whispering ‘Typical!!! Told you!!! She didn’t eat it!!!’ as Bec walked off set.

“I guess I’m kind of used to it but it was just annoying on this particular day because I feel like they were vindicated when I didn’t eat it,” Bec said.

“But they didn’t know it was because part of our production is the presenters aren’t allowed to eat the food.

“So I kind of got up and they were snickering to themselves.

I have a terrible job. @9postcards @terindahestate

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“And it’s like, NO! I would have eaten it!

“You don’t grow four babies not eating… big babies! Big boofheads!”

For all of you out there still doubting, Monty was right there to clear up any rumours or misconceptions.

“It’s funny that people have the right to say something to somebody who are on the smaller side,” Monty said.

“Final word is Bec eats. You can put a lot away!”

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