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There Is Some MASSIVE News For Married At First Sight Fans!



Married at First Sight fans, there is some massive news!The show's fourth season may not start until Monday 30th January but guess what?The new episode is available to watch NOW!Yes, that is right, you can watch the first episode is available on 9Now now!The season, which is bigger than ever, is putting together ten couples who will get married...

It's Been Revealed Who The Cheaters On Married At First Sight Are!



It looks like the cheaters on Married At First Sight have been outed!Rumours of cheating were confirmed by Channel Nine earlier this week, and following Wednesday night’s drunken dinner, it appears Jonathan could be one of those partners involved.The 31-year-old’s relationship with Cheryl looked to have dissolve even further during the group din...

There Is Some BAD News For Fans Of Married At First Sight



It’s the show that has got Australia talking.. but it won’t be for an extended period of time, Usually, we get a juicy three episodes a week of Married At First Sight but next week is going to be different. With Australia facing Sri Lanka in the cricket, which Nine has the rights to, it means we have to wait an extra 24 hours just to get our eye...

Australia Was Not Impressed With This Awkward Married At First Sight Moment



Married at First Sight twins Sharon and Michelle have felt the wrath on social media following the way they revealed their feelings to Nick and Jesse in the show's finale. The twins from Perth had viewers on the edge of their seats on Tuesday night’s finale, as they decided their futures with the two grooms. Jesse poured his heart out to Michel...

A Married At First Sight Contestant Is Selling Their Ring On eBay!



Married At First Sight’s Andy has allegedly put his wedding ring up for sale on eBay after being walked out by his groom Craig on their honeymoon. That’s right, a wedding ring believed to have been posted by Andy went up on Andy on Wednesday, which includes detailed pictures of his $10K gold ring. “Andy here from Married at First Sight Austral...

There Is Some A++ News For Fans Of Married At First Sight!



Australia’s biggest show is about to touch down in New Zealand!The big announcement was made in the last couple of days with Mediaworks saying "Married at First Sight is the show that has been on everyone's lips for 2017 and we are excited to be producing New Zealand’s first series of this hit show," "Applications are open to New Zealand citizen...

A HUGE Married At First Sight Bombshell Is About To Be Dropped!



Remember when Andrew and the boys on Married, At First Sight, had a few beers and began to talk about the physicality and intelligence of Cheryl? Yeah?Well, the episode was criticised for promoting the masculinity of behaviour of man but what is even worse is when Andrew and the boys were confronted about it, nobody owned up but Sean, who stuck...

Tempers Flare As 'Married At First Sight' Couples Honeymoon



It can be testing for the best couple in the world to go on a honeymoon together but what about when you have just got married at the same time as meeting each other? Well, on last nights ''Married At First Sight'' we got to find out exactly what happens when that happens and it got a little bit, lets say, heated. Jono and Clare were sent to t...

Married At First Sight Catfight Explodes!



When Married At First Sight promised a revamped series they weren’t kidding! With a group of new producers and a whole new format, we’ve got to say, we’re excited. The show is now more Big Brother meets The Bachelor… and at one stage there were even elements of Farmer Wants a Wife - thanks to farmer Sean. The only thing it's lacking is a bit of...

Married At First Sight Husband Has ALREADY Cheated!



It appears we may have our first Married At First Sight break-up on your hands. Clare and Jono walked down the aisle on last Monday's episode but it appears not everything is great in paradise. Jono is said to have devastated Clare after discovering that her husband had another girlfriend, just days after she walked down the aisle. After hidi...

REVEALED: The Married At First Sight Couple That Is Expecting Their First Child!



They have had their rocky patches during the show but since the cameras stopped rolling, it has been revealed that Married At First Sight couple Sharon and Nick are expecting their first baby.In pictures published by New Idea magazine on Monday, pictures have surfaced of Sharon shopping for baby clothes in Perth. The photos show the bride lookin...

Married At First Sight: Andy and Craig's 'devastating' split



Of the Married at First Sight couples, only two remained intact from Tuesday night’s dramatic honeymoon episode. Just four days into married life, Dave and Jess called it a day after he blamed her physical insecurities for his appalling behaviour towards her while Andy and Craig, the show’s only same-sex couple, split after Craig decided there...

There Is Some Absolutely Amazing News For Married At First Sight Fans!



It’s the show that has kept Australia talking near the water cooler and on text message for weeks on end and it’s proven itself in the ratings. Married At First Sight has averaged more than 1.3 million viewers per night this season and it looks like Channel Nine want Even more.Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Nine’s Head of Content, Production...

Sean From Married At First Sight Has MOVED ON With ANOTHER Contestant!

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Why does this keep happening? While Australia is still stunned that Sean and Susan broke up on Married At First Sight, it seems Sean is over. He looks to have started dating last season’s jolted bride Jess. Sean joined the brunette at a Sydney cafe alongside his children, and it looks like they are getting pretty serious! You can see the pics...

Married At First Sight's Sharon And Nick's Secret Has Been Exposed!

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Sharon and Nick from Married, At First Sight, have been spotted on a romantic date in Auckland, New Zealand and were trying to keep a low profile.That is until a fan spotted them. According to the eyewitness, the loved-up duo couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they enjoyed lunch by the waterfront. ‘They looked so happy,’ says the onlook...

The Big Change Coming To The Next Season Of Married At First Sight (3)

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The next series of Married at First Sight is super close, starting on January 30 and it’s going to be amazing. Now, there are a few changes on the new series that will shock some viewers. Such as the fact there are now TEN newly wed couples. That means we are going to have weeks of weddings to watch and all those awkward moments. But, there is...

Your Fave Guilty Pleasure Married At First Sight Is In HUGE Trouble!



Married At First Sight may be Australia’s most popular TV show having revamped its format.But, according to the Daily Telegraph, competing networks have alleged that Nine has ‘cherry picked’ concepts from other popular shows such as My Kitchen Rules, The Bachelor and Big Brother in an effort to overhaul the show.'There are parts which are so The...

Andrew From Married At First Sight Has Moved On With ANOTHER Bride!



He has been known for causing controversy on Married At First Sight after having two brides.. and having them both leave him.However, it has emerged that Jonesy was spotted with 28-year-old Scarlett in his hometown of Perth, earlier this week.According to sources, while she was visiting Western Australia, she stayed at his house and was seen out...

The Truth Behind Why Lauren Became Married At First Sight's RUNAWAY Bride



Everything seemed to go just right when Lauren walked down the aisle with firefighter Andrew on Married At First Sight, however, it didn’t go according to plan.New Idea has been contacted by Lauren’s friend who says the runaway bride wanted out as ‘‘They were supposed to head off to Thailand for their honeymoon, and she refused to go.’’‘’She tho...

The Intense Confrontation That Lead To TWO Married At First Sight Couples QUITTING



On this evening Married At First Sight the texting scandal took a turn.With Jonathan and Scarlett texting each other throughout the evening following the awkward dinner party, it leads to a confrontation like nothing we have ever seen before.Scarlett said that she thought her and Jonathan were ‘better matched’ in the process than she and Michael...

Married At First Sight's Cheryl Is Caught Up In A HUGE Drugs Scandal



Married At First Sight contestant Cheryl Maitland has confirmed to Woman’s Day that she is the woman pictured in a shocking video that shows her snorting a line of white powder of her breasts. The reality TV star is seen throwing her head back and laughing as she snorts a white substance off her right boob with a $50 note, while a man says “tha...

There Is Some Awesome News For The Married At First Sight Twins Sharon And Michelle!



This season of Married, At First Sight, has already been the most explosive yet.However, it appears that twins Sharon and Michelle Marsh have defied the odds, with both reportedly still with their respective husbands.According to Who magazine, with couples appear to be going strong, with a loved-up Sharon even revealing she wants to fall pregnan...

Married At First Sight's Cheryl Reveals All About Her Relationship With Andrew



On Tuesday night’s episode of Married, At First Sight, we saw Cheryl Maitland’s father Hamish vowing to break his daughter and her new husband Andrew up.Hamish told his daughter's new friend to 'get the f*** out of the house' because he wasn't dressed nicely enough.And on Wednesday, Cheryl told Today Extra exactly what she thought of the situati...

Another One Of The Married At First Sight Couples Has Announced They Are Still Together



Married At First Sight bride Nadia has opened up about her TV husband Anthony and claims that she is ‘frigid.’The bride has admitted that she thinks there is ‘definitely chemistry with Anthony, but I think that is developing,' she reveals in Thursday's issue of OK! magazine. She has added that the couple is getting to know 'each other's boundari...

It's Just Gone From Bad To Worse For Married At First Sight Groom Anthony

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He is by far the biggest villain on Married At First Sight and things are going from bad to worse for Anthony Manton. Some of his co-workers have commented that they have no sympathy for the racing commentator, who last week bemoaned his portrayal on the show.'He's blowing up about it (how he's coming across), but what did he expect?' a source a...

Married At First Sight Couple’s Shock Split Before Finale!



Married at First Sight couple Nadia and Anthony have reportedly split just days before the filming of the shows ‘reunion’ was filmed. According to Woman’s Day, the decision left Nadia in total shock.'To this day she is still in the dark. The moment cameras stopped rolling; he was no longer interested in her,' an insider told the magazine. Accor...

TWO Married At First Sight Couples Are Set To Be Rocked By A CHEATING Scandal!



Controversial TV show Married At First Sight is set to be rocked by a huge cheating scandal.Sources close to the relationship experiment have revealed that filming became out of control as the newlyweds struggled with monogamy. Jonathan from Married At First SightThe Daily Telegraph is reporting that multiple couples are involved in the cheat...

The First Trailer For New Married At First Sight Just Dropped And It Does NOT Disappoint!



Now that The Block has gone to auction, Sophie is no longer a Bachelorette and Matty J is off the market, we have quite the reality television-shaped hole in our lives. Which means it's the perfect time to tease the upcoming season of Married At First Sight - and tease us Channel Nine did. The much-talked about series will see 20 contestants p...

Married At First Sight's Deborah SLAMMED By Viewers Following Bizarre Rant



It was one of the most bizarre meltdowns we have ever seen on TV, and it occurred on last night’s Married At First Sight.If you haven’t met bride Deborah,53, then you will need to know she married John, a father of two from Melbourne and it’s all a bit much for her.First things first, she started the weird rant by storming off in tears, saying t...

'Married At First Sight' Baby Sends Fans Into Meltdown

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Since Nine's popular (and somewhat controversial) show, Married At First Sight aired on our screens, the internet has been abuzz with news of fights, break-ups and even baby bumps! Zoe and Alex, who got hitched on the show more than a year ago have been at the centre of baby rumours, with fans convinced that the pair are expecting a baby. Thes...

The MASSIVE Change Coming To The Next Series Of Married At First Sight

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Channel Nine has confirmed that its controversial reality TV show, Married At First Sight, will return in 2017 with an extended format that will set out to beat My Kitchen Rules.The show will premiere in February and will feature 20 contestants and ten new weddings.The cameras will the follow the couples more intensely and over a longer period t...

Married At First Sight's Nick And Sharon Up About Those Pregnancy Rumours!



Of all the couples that have wed on Married At First Sight, Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy must have been at the front of the most pregnancy rumours. The couple appeared more smitten than ever on this morning's Today show, with Nick affectionally cradling his wife stomach at one point.Sharon said 'In nine months there could be a little Furphy.’How...

Congrats To Married At First Sight Couple Alex And Zoe's Next Big Step!

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Married at First Sight's most successful and loved couple, Alex and Zoe have successfull sold their house!  Zoe posted the above photo on her instagram (@zoehendrix) hashtagging #amazingmemories, #timeforabigfamilyhome.  How exciting!!  We are so happy for them.  Sold!! #amazingmemories #marriedatfirstsight #timeforabigfamilyhome @...

This Married At First Sight Bride STUNNED Everyone With Her Strange Vows

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There have been some cute vows on this season of Married At First Sight, but these left fans questioning why...On Sunday night’s episode, we met Deborah, 53 and she didn’t gain many fans with her vows. ‘I take you John to be my husband. I promise to be your soul mate and best friend, I will give all of me to you,’ she started, before adding:‘I w...

THREE More Couples Look Set To SPLIT on Married At First Sight TONIGHT



While we all think it’s super romantic to have a candlelit dinner and be polite at dinner… it’s not like that on Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight. In tonight’s explosive episode, with the honeymooners meeting over a meal for the time. the cracks begin to show in Gold Coast couple Jonathan and Cheryl’s marriage. However, they are not alone,...

This Married At First Sight Couple Have Just Confirmed They Are STILL TOGETHER!



Rumours have been swirling that Married At First Sight’s Michelle Marsh has already moved on from her on-screen husband, Jesse. Well, guess what?It’s false. Michelle and her on-screen partner Jesse Konstantinoff have posted a loved-up snap together on social media.The Perth-based couple has posed for a selfie together on Cottesloe Beach in Perth...

Apparently Anthony Wants To Move On With ANOTHER Married At First Sight Bride!



He may have been criticised for being a ‘bully’ towards Cheryl in this series of Married At First Sight, but it appears Anthony may well have changed his mind. A source has told Woman’s Day that ‘Although he'd never admit it, he fancied her as soon as he laid eyes on her, which is why he's been so critical of her,'Earlier this month, we saw Ant...

Married At First Sight's Cheryl Has Fired Off At EVEN MORE Contestants



She may have been at the centre of heaps of heat from other people on this season of Married At First Sight.But now Cheryl Maitland has revealed her theory behind being ‘picked on’ by twins Michelle and Sharon Marsh, putting it down to an attempt to make good television for the cameras.'I feel like nothing exciting was happening [on the show] an...

There Is A Huge Problem With Married At First Sight That Has Been Revealed (1)

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It is the highest rated show on Australian TV, but not everyone has become a fan of Married At First Sight, with one expert calling it 'the psychological sewer of Australian television'.Speaking to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has said that the Channel Nine series could do some ‘serious damage’ to the contestants....

The Feud That Could End TWO Marriages On Married At First Sight TONIGHT!



A bitter fight is ready to erupt between Married At First Sight twins Saron and Michelle Marsh, after Sharon discovers her sister has started following her ‘husband’ Nick Furphy on flirt social media app, Snapchat. In the latest bridal war to break out on the show tonight, Sharon is sent into a jealous rage and refused to look or even speak to h...

Jesse's Shocking Claim About ‘Married At First Sight’ Bride Michelle



it had been on the cards for quite some time but finally, last night, Married At First SIght’s Jesse Konstantioff was friend zoned by Michelle Marsh. After being dumped by the blonde in front of the nation on Tuesday night, Jess’s infatuation with the reality star really appeared to be over.Speaking to Channel Nine’s Today show on Wednesday, Je...

There's Even More Good News For Married At First Sight Couple Sharon and Nick



On Monday night, we found out that Married At First Sight groom Nick Furphy’s father had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.The diagnosis has left him unable to move from Melbourne to Perth to be wife his bride Sharon, as was originally planned.However, a day trip to Melbourne has shown just how close the couple is, with his 31-year-old brid...

TWO Married At First Sight Brides Have Spoke Out And SLAMMED The Show



Two Married At First Sight brides have blown the lidd off the Channel Nine show, claiming they were ‘conned’, plied with booze and refused bathroom breaks while working. “There’s no support, you’re treated like monkeys, you basically beg to go for toilet breaks,” the show’s “runaway bride” Lauren Bran told “The filming — because i...

Is Michael From Married At First Sight The RUDEST Contestant The Shows Ever Seen



Brace yourselves and meet Michael, the man who has been described as the most ‘challenging’ groom Married At First Sight has ever come across. Words other than ‘challenging’ may spring to mind after you watch the video above.  Michael, 30, is set to appear the next series of Nine's Married At First Sight reality show, in which couples meet for...

Could There Be A Married At First Sight Baby On The Way?



Despite their unconventional start to married life, could a Married At First Sight couple be expecting a bundle of joy? The news came out earlier this week that 25-year-old Zoe and Alex, 29, who walked down the aisle in the show's third episode, could be pregnant. Zoe could barely look at her hubby-to-be during the ceremony but it seems their...

Married At First Sight's Anthony SHOCK Revelation To Wife Nadia



It’s between Anthony and Cheryl for the villain of Married At First Sight but after last nights episode, it looks like Anthony is truly ahead.The racing broadcaster ended up fighting with his wife Nadia a number of times during their home visit in Brisbane and even questioned her career ambitions.However, last night during a dinner on her apartm...

Two DUMPED Married At First Sight Contestants Are To Return TONIGHT And They Are TOGETHER!



She may have dumped Jonathan during last night’s dramatic commitment ceremony, but love may still be on the cards of Cheryl, as she is back on the show according to Monday’s trailer.The bride looks set to ‘drop a bombshell’ that is a Married At First Sight first, with many fans believing she has expressed an interest in jilted groom and stripper...

One Of Our Fave Married At First Sight Couples Are MOVING IN Together!

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They may have announced their split late last night.But according to NW magazine, Married At First Sight stars Simon McQuillan, and Alene Khatcherian is back on!The publication is alleging that the pair has fully ‘rekindled’ their relationship at the Ipswich Cup in Queensland and are now moving in together. 'Alene is crazy about Simon,' a 'pal'...

Married At First Sight's Bella Reveals New Man

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We watched her fall in love on screen only to break up two weeks after filming, but now there's a new man in Bella Frizza's life. The Married At First Sight star has announced via Instagram she's found love again, this time with another Michael! It's been five months since filming finished and rumours have been flying that many of the Marrie...

Married At First Sight Keller's Devastating Admission About His Relationship With Nicole



It wasn’t easy for Nicole and Keller to break things up on Married At First Sight but it looks like they still haven’t decided what to do.Nicole has told New Idea that the relationship broke off because ‘’I did recommend that he sees someone... but at the end of the day, that’s his decision how he deals with that.’Fast forward six months since t...

There's Been Even More Revealing Photos Of Cheryl From Married At First Sight



Cheryl Maitland from Married, At First Sight, has been the talk of Australia this week after she returned to the competition following a return to the show with a second man. However, it’s her off the show antics that have got the eyes and tongues of the nation excited. Just yesterday, a video emerged of Cheryl sniffing white powder of breasts,...

This Married At First Sight Couple Look Set To GIVE UP Very Shortly!

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Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight dropped a big bombshell. with wife Susan willing to give farm life ago with her husband Sean. However, cowboy Sean has revealed that he isn’t too thrilled about his wife announcement, with the 35-year-old revealing their different lifestyles have left him with reservations about their relationshi...

There Is One Thing Married At First Sight Couple Simon And Alene Won't Be Doing!



There weren’t many couples who found love on Married At First Sight, but Simon McQuillan and Alene Khatcheri were one of them.The couple, who currently live in separate cities, have revealed that they have no plans to live together anytime soon. Alene told the Daily Telegraph that ‘We are enjoying the distance relationship,’'The show just finis...

Married At First Sight's Sharon And Nick Have Revealed The Cutest Thing EVER



There weren’t many actual love stories on Married At First Sight, but Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy have now confirmed they have undertaken another joint of commitment together. The couple has now revealed to Nine Now that they have inked their bodies with ‘matching tattoos.’Only last week the couple announced that Sharon plans to move to Melbour...

Married At First Sight Is Looking For Its Season 6 Contestants



Do you love Married At First Sight? Of course that's a resounding "I DO!" Well, you could be its next star. Producers are searching for the next round of contestants. But there's one very important factor: applicants must be genuinely looking for love. Here are the rules: 1. You must be over 25 years of age on the day of application. 2. You...

ANOTHER Married At First Sight Couple Have Had To Admit They Have SPLIT



Married at First Sight Couple Anthony and Nadia are the couple that nobody expected to stay together but they managed to for the entire length of the season. But it seems it was not meant to be at all, with Nadia revealing that Anthony dumped her less than 24 hours after the cameras finished filming the season. The other contestants from the sh...

Married At First Sight's Clare Wanted To Kick Jono



Married At First Sight `bride' Clare Verrall is more offended by being called "woman" than hearing she is not what Jono had "ordered" on the reality TV show. The tradie sent keyboard warriors into overdrive when, after he saw Verrall walk down the aisle, he said in a cutaway interview that "she is not what I ordered". Verrall heard the comment...

This Married At First Sight Groom Is Now Driving An Uber

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Fancy getting to meet one of Married At First Sight’s eligible hunks? Well we’ve found a way you can – and all it involves is some patience and going down to the Gold Coast! Oh, and you’ll need to sign up for Uber. Because it turns out that one of our favourite bachelors, Andrew Hill, is working as an Uber driver on the Goldie. After finding...

Zoe And Alex From Married At First Sight Have Welcomed Their First Child!

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It has felt like the pregnancy that never ended but finally it is here!Married At First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner have welcomed their first baby together.The loved-up couple welcomed their beautiful baby girl Harper-Rose Garner on November 14. Speaking to Woman’s Day, Zoe said “This moment has been a long time coming, “I still can’t be...

Married At First Sight's Zoe Has Had A Huge Pregnancy Scare

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Married at First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner have had a terrifying baby scare just weeks before their date date.Sharing on Instagram, Zoe is encouraging all mums to listen their instinct. The picture shows the soon-to-be mum hooked to up a baby monitor, with the post saying ‘BUBS SWEET HEART BEAT. By far my favourite sound in the world.’...

The Married At First Sight Secret That Could See A Couple Leave Unmarried

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It’s something they didn’t share on the show, but Married At First Sight couple Craig and Andy had met before. The show’s first same-sex pairing will tie the knot in New Zealand on the show tonight, but they had a chance meeting just two weeks before their the there wedding. In an interview with NewsCorp, 40-year-old Andy revealed his groom was...

One Of The Couples From 'Married At First Sight' Are Back Together!

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Their fallout on Married At First Sight stunned viewers, but it looks like they are now back on again.Craig and Andy from the show were shown in a photo over the weekend of themselves catching up with fellow contestant Jess, and there were no signs of tension and drama hat marked their disastrous onscreen match, as they reunited on apparently fr...

This Married At First Sight Couple Could Be About To SPLIT For The Most Awkward Reason



If there is one thing Nick must hate on Married At First Sight, it must be the dinner parties. In the first one, we saw his wife Sharon getting upset because he drank too much. And then last night, he fared no better, after Sharon attacked him for visiting strip clubs while he was single.'I'm confused... I'm just trying to figure out what kind o...

Married At First Sight's Alene And Simon Have Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement!



They have become the fan favourites on Married At First Sight and Alene and Simon have now revealed their plans to start a family.And they want twins!Alene, 31, has told Woman’s Day 'We're going to call them Valerie and Damien!' During the chat, Simon joked 'Don't you mean Damo and Val?’ before they laughed off the nicknames.Alene said she wants...

Looks Like A Bachelor Contestant Has Moved On With A Married At First Sight Reject!

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Monica Brown was voted off the Bachelor last week and it looks she has not wasted any time in moving on in her love life. The Bachelor contestant, who was booted during the season premiere, has been spotted flirting up a storm with former Married At First Sight villain Jono Pittman. New Idea are reporting the pair ‘hit it off’ after they were...

Married At First Sight Contestant SLAMMED For Behaviour On His 'Honeymoon'

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Two days after you get married is supposed to be the time where everything is amazing.However, that wasn’t the case for Married At First Sight couple Jess and Dave, who just seem to create no chemistry at all. On Monday night, Australia saw their relationship drift towards its end.As is standard with the show, Dave only met his wife two days b...

‘Married At First Sight’s’ Michelle Spotted On Date With Former VILLAIN



She may have broken with Jesse Konstantioff when she had enough, but Michelle Marsh may have already moved on with last season's bad boy Jono Pittman.The two were spotted out together on Monday, according to the Daily Telegraph. The pair stepped out on a double date with the 31-year-old's twin sister Sharon and her beau Nick Furphy at Melbourne'...

It's All Over For Married At First Sight's Jono And Clare!



One of the four couples on Married at First Sight looks to have imploded in front of our eyes. Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman, who met at the alter and got married on the reality TV show. called it quits on their experimental marriage after struggling to resolve their disagreements. It never got off to the best start for the couple after Jono s...

Married At First Sight's Nicole Speaks Out Over Her New Life



Married at First Sight’s Nicole Heir has hit back at her critics following a large backlash of a photo she shared with former contestant Jono Pitman.Taking to Instagram, she shared a snap of herself with the caption ‘’After my last post, I received a lot of negativity from people who haven’t met myself or Jono, who don’t know our real stories.”“...

Married At First Sight's Troy and Carly Have Called It Quits


Married at First Sight's last remaining couple, Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer, have officially ended their relationship. The unlikely couple confirmed the news on Instagram, calling the break-up "heartbreaking" and an extremely "painful situation".  "It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that Troy and I have decided to part ways," Carly wrot...

Looks Like One Of Our Fave Married At First Sight Couples Are BACK ON!

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We hope this is true. It looks like our fave Married At First Sight couple could be back together, just weeks after announcing their split. Simon McQuillan and  Alene Khatcherian have been spotted looking very chummy, just weeks after announcing their split. Good bunch of people these ones #mafs #ipswichturfclub #horseracing A post s...

Yet ANOTHER Married At First Sight Couple Has SPLIT

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They were once joined at the hips like but Married at First Sight’s second season poster couple haven’t been seen together in months.Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr’s reality romance looks to have ended. The calm before the storm at 9's Cup Eve party! 😂🍾🐎 @zoehendrix practically giving birth on the 89th floor!! #nawt #rightbeforewestol...

There's Been ANOTHER Twist In The Relationship Of A Married At First Sight Couple

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They were rumoured to be dating but it looks like there is no love lost between Married At First Sight’s Scarlett Cooper and Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones. The Perth firefighter has denied having a relationship with Scarlett, and several other reality stars, in a bizarre Instagram post on Thursday.The aspiring author responded just hours later with a p...

A Married At First Sight Contestant Has Been Rushed To Hospital



There is some sad news for former Married At First Sight star Clare Verrall.The outspoken blonde has revealed she was recently rushed to the emergency ward after suffering what medical staff may have been a stroke. Hello from my second home, the @thealfredhospital #ER 👋 #ClareLife So, I woke up with a weird feeling in my face today w...

Married At First Sight 2018: Nasser To Release Song


The fame from reality TV is rather fleeting and so often we find the stars trying their best to keep the celebrity ball rolling for as long as possible. But no one does this more so than Nasser from the last season of Married At First Sight. Is Nasser From Married At First Sight Releasing A Song? While we’ve seen him appear on Kyle Sandilands'...

Cheryl From Married At First Sight Has Just Admitted To Something HUGE



She’s one of the most glamorous brides on Married At First Sight and last night Cheryl Maitland revealed the one thing we kind of already knew. During last night’s episode, she made a very quick quip about ‘needing more botox’ after meeting her new partner Andrew’s family for the first time over dinner.She asked the family to guess her age and...

Married At First Sight's Cheryl Maitland Has Unveiled Her New Boyfriend!



She was not exactly the most successful bride in history on Married At First Sight, with two husbands failing to leave their mark.But in an image posted to her Instagram account on Monday, Cheryl Maitland looks to have found a new man. The 25-year-old is holding a glass of wine as a man clings onto her shoulder and pulls her in for a passionate...

Married At First Sight Husband Threatens To Kill Spouse



In the US version of Married at First Sight, one couple didn't last the distance when her spouse allegedly threatened to kill her. Jessica Castro just got a restraining order against the husband she met on the reality show, Ryan De Nino. According to TMZ, she claimed he was "threatening and menacing", but when he told her "I plan on killing...

There Is Devastating News For Married At First Sight Favourites Simon And Alene



It has been revealed that our fave Married At First Sight couple Simon McQuillan and Alene Khatcherian, have broken up. The pair told Channel 9’s The Fix "We remain the greatest of friends and we will continue to be part of each others’ lives. We thank you for your privacy at this time."This sucks.It was just last month that reports said Alene...

Married At First Sight Husband Sean Has Spoken Out About Andrew!

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Married At First Sight hero groom Sean has broken his silence following the ugly dinner party confrontation on the reality TV show.The popular farmer became Australia’s dream man when he and fellow contestant Simon defended Cheryl following a ‘sleazy’ boys night,’’ which saw Cheryl’s partner mocking his wife.Sean has told that it “wa...

'Married At First Sight’ Brides Have Done Something BRILLIANT With Their Wedding Gowns



If you like a bargain and don't mind a jinxed wedding dress, then Married At First Sight brides Bella Frizza and Clare Verrall may have a deal for you! The ladies are auctioning off the dresses they wore on the hit show. And while they didn’t provide much luck to either girls, they’re hoping their stunning frocks will bring other brides better...

Love Is Dead! ANOTHER Married At First Sight Couple Have Called It QUITS

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The final couple together from Married, At First Sight, have split. Only months ago they were getting matching tattoos as a symbol of their undying love and discussing marriage and baby plans but now Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy have revealed their romance is over.'I love Nick, but after moving to Melbourne eight weeks ago to be with him, I soo...

Married At First Sight's Clare Rants At Show's Editing



Married At First Sight bride Clare Verrall has been jilted by the editing of the reality show. Verrall took to social media this week to vent her frustration at the editing and thanked her family, friends and her dog Dutchy for their support. Verrall, 32, "married" hot head Jono Pittman, 28, on the Nine Network series and they have regularly b...

Married At First Sight's Susan Had Revealed All About The REAL Sean!



Australia fell in love with Sean and Susan on Married At First Sight, but it’s not what you thought.Speaking to, Susan has said that her husband was completely different to how he was portrayed on the show.Susan said “I wanted to leave half way through... His kids were crying to him on Skype: ‘Please come home daddy, we don’t know wh...

Secret Pregnancy Rocks Married At First Sight



If you thought Married At First Sight couldn’t get any more dramatic, it just did. Rumours are circulating that one of the brides didn’t just meet the man of her dreams, but has a little bundle of joy on the way.  According to NW and Woman’s Day one contestant informed producers she was ‘late.’ While the identity of the bride remains unknown, s...

Why Lauren From Married At First Sight Really DUMPED Andrew

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She’s the runaway bride who left viewers of Married At First Sight shocked and confused when she abandoned new husband Andrew. And despite viewers of the show being given no real insight into why Lauren Bran decided to ditch her new partner so early on, Kyle and Jackie O have discovered the real reason behind the pair’s split. An insider told...

Cheryl From ‘Married At First Sight’ Caught Setting Up Paparazzi Shots



In this game, being famous can be hard. STAYING famous is even harder. Many people jump at the chance to be on a reality show in a bid to become a household name, but unfortunately, most reality show contestant’s fame comes with an expiration date. But for Cheryl, who starred on the latest season of ‘Married At First Sight’, she wasn’t going...

Married At First Sight's Cheryl Maitland Has Just Dropped A Big Bombshell

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She was by the most controversial figure on Married At First Sight this year.However, it looks like she has change her tune a little and has found love, with current boyfriend Dean Gibbs.We are of course talking about Cheryl Maitland.The couple are now talking about their long term plans, according to NW magazine.Cheryl has told the magazine tha...

Disgruntled Married At First Sight Star Finds Love With Someone TOTALLY Unexpected



While the experts on Married At First Sight may have bombed out this year, after all five couples chose to go their separate ways, it seems many of the past and present stars have decided to play match maker themselves.  Earlier this month fans were shocked after Nicole Heir, who married fan favourite Craig Keller (who knew his name was Craig...

Former Married At First Sight Contestant Breaks Silence On ‘Life-Ruining’ Show

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If you’ve ever watched ‘Married At First Sight’, you’ll know that couples are matched based on a psychologist’s assessment and then marry after meeting for the first time on their wedding day. It’s a show that shocked most of the nation, due to it’s approach to marriage. Now, one of the former contestants, Clare Verrall, has spoken out as she...

INCREDIBLE News For Married At First Sight Stars!



When Zoe and Alex first walked down the aisle towards each other, I, like many others thought they’d never make it to the end of the week as a couple. She looked surly and cold, he looked nervous as hell, and the whole concept of what they were doing - marrying someone they had never met before - had never been so blatant. So, after suffering...

One Of The Married At First Sight Couples May Already Have Had A Little Slap And TIckle Together



It’s the question we all want the answer to… did the Married At First Sight couples get down and dirty on the night of the wedding?Well, thankfully, we have answers.Cowboy Sean, who we met on Monday night’s episode has revealed that his first night ‘was incredible’ and revealed that had shared a ‘bath’ that was ‘sensational’.Now, there could be...

We Have Just Found The Videos Nadia From Married At First Sight Didn't Want You To See



Just yesterday we had to nearly burn our computers because of the awkward photos of Anthony from Married, At First Sight, we have found. Well, now, it is Nadia’s turn, with her attempts at fame becoming public knowledge thanks to some genius searching Youtube.The videos show the 36-year-old trying her hand at MCing, interviewing the public, rev...

A Married At First Sight Contestant Has Actually REJECTED An Offer To Become The Next Bachelor!

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They are two of the biggest shows on television, and we could have seen them merge this year.Thanks to Andrew from Married At First Sight. That’s right, the man who was left without a wife after just one night on the show, was apparently approached to become this year's Bachelor but decided not to pursue it. The reason why? Well according to th...

One Of The Twins From Married At First Sight Appears To Have DUMPED Her Husband

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She was paired with Adelaide man Jesse Konstanitoff on Married At First Sight, but it looks like she has well and truly moved on.We are of course talking about twin Michelle Marsh who has been spotted getting cosy with the son of Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett, Sam Barnett. The Perth property investor is seen with his arm around the ta...

Married At First Sight's Andrew Has Revealed The Devastating Truth About Life After The Show



Firefighter Andrew has not had the easiest experience on Married At First Sight so far.He left the experiment after just a day after he was ditched on his wedding night by a bride who literally vanished when he was walking in front with her.He was then picked up by Cheryl for another shot at love. While the full story of the show has not yet bee...

We Have Found Anthony From Married At First Sight's Old Modelling Shots And They Are EVERYTHING



We all know Anthony as the one we are supposed to hate but there is a side to him that you have never seen. Before his appearance on Married At First Sight, he was signed to a talent agency and thank you to whoever put the shots online because they are GOLD. Can we just look at these adorable poses of the man himself.. Who wouldn’t marry him?!

Married At First Sight Bride Nadia Has Been SLAMMED In The Worst Way Possible

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Married At First Sight’s Nadia was recently accused of staging photos of herself buying a pregnancy test for Woman’s Day magazine.She has continually said that the photos were organic but ABC’s Media Watch was not buying any of it, with presenter Paul Barry moving her in a recent segment.'But seriously, who are they kidding?' host Paul Barry sai...

The Biggest Lie From This Years Married At First Sight Has Just Been Revealed



It’s the biggest lie we have been told during this years Married At First Sight…Perth twin Sharon has revealed her sister Michelle didn’t even apply for the show! According to Sharon, she ‘’ went through all the hard yakka, the questionnaires, the bloody psych test. It was full-on.’’ She continued to say ‘Then I got to the interview stage and t...

Married At First Sight's Sean Has Already Moved On From Susan

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Married At First Sight’s Sean Hollands and Susan Rawlings seemed like they were going to work out. We were all cheering for them. And then things just fell apart. She accused him of playing it up for the cameras and being there for the money, while he accused her of becoming hard to talk to. And while his ‘marriage’ on the reality show may no...