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Ryan Reynolds' Most Romantic Thing He Did For Blake Lively

In the recent Cosmopolitan March issue, Ryan Reynolds revealed what the most romantic thing he's ever done for Blake Lively. 

Not only are these two couple goals from the outside... their relationship is epic IRL too. *SOBS* 

"I'm definitely a romantic", he said. 

"I once made a video of all my wife's favourite people, from kindergarten all the way to present and set it to music. I edited it so all these people throughout her life were singing the same song." 

The article also reveals a couple other intimate details about our 'Hey girl' meme favourite. 

"At 15, I did a TV movie where Donna Mills played my alcoholic mum. I was supposed to carry her to the house after she woke up on the lawn drunk again. My hand slipped and she goes, 'Where is your thumb?' I technically went to second base with Donna Mills". 



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