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Pizza Hut Has Been Blasted For Underpaying Their Staff

Pizza Hut Australia has been accused of engaging in gross workplace misconduct after it was found 20 of its franchises were underpaying their staff by thousands of dollars.

Findings of a Fair Work Ombudsman Activity report showed widespread non-compliance in at least 24 Pizza Hut franchises across the country.

Seven franchises had misclassified delivery drivers as independent contractors rather than actual employees.

In some cases, it was found that drivers were paid as little as $5.70 per delivery and expected to pay for petrol and car costs.

The report found that staff had been underpaid $12,086 mainly as a result of being underpaid for their hours rates and allowances for laundry

"Thirty-two percent of the 170 workers we dealt with as part of this Activity Report were under the age of 24," Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said.

"We know that younger people, who have less experience in the workplace are more likely to be unaware of their rights."

In response to the report, Pizza Hut Australia CEO Lisa Ransom said the company "does not tolerate non-compliance and is committed to ensuring all franchisees meet their legal obligations".

“Pizza Pan Group has been the master franchisee of Pizza Hut in Australia since September 2016 and takes its responsibilities as the new franchisor and employer very seriously," Ms Ransom said.

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