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Keen To Live To 117? The World's Oldest Lady Tells Us How...

Italian woman Emma Morano, who is the last known person alive who was born in the 19th century, is celebrating her 117th birthday this week. 

According to the Gerontology Research Group, a US body that tracks them, 45 women and two men have reached that age. The oldest person after Morano is Jamaican woman Violet Brown, who was born on March 10, 1900.

Morano qualifies as the world's leading supercentenarian, a category of people aged 110 or above.

Reports say Morano fell ill last week, but has now recovered and is fully alert.The news agency said she tells people who ask how she is doing: "I think I am fine, the doctor says it too."

Morano partially attributes her longevity to a diet of raw eggs. Three raw eggs a day, to be the precise.

According to health experts, raw eggs are an excellent health tonic.

"The regular consumption of raw eggs will do wonders for your overall health. Exceptionally easy to digest, raw eggs provide a wonderful boost to the immune system, and a completely balanced nutritional package. A good immune system is one of several things the body needs to overcome cancer"

Do you think you could stomach eating raw eggs every day, for the sake of a long life? 

Emma also revealed that in the 1930's she ended her abusive marriage - long before divorce was even legal - and decided to never commit herself to anyone again. So perhaps being single is better than most of us might think.

Whatever her secret is, we think she's outstanding! Happy Birthday Emma!

AAP/Staff Writers

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