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Woman Sues Retailer for One of the Strangest Reasons Ever

A Lorna Jane manager is suing the clothing store over claims of bullying and working unreasonable hours but a judge has questioned if she was ‘serious’.

Amy Robinson is suing the activewear brand for $550,000 claiming that finishing late has caused problems with her childcare arrangements.

The Brisbane District Court has heard that Robinson knocked off from the Brisbane airport DFO store between 6.01pm and 6.06pm 23 times during her six months of employment.

Judge Gregory Koppenol asked if she was 'seriously complaining' about working an extra minute.

Ms Robinson replied she often clocked off before finishing work, during her second session of grilling by Lorna Jane's barrister Rebecca Treston QC.

'I would sign out at that time but that would not be the time that I would finish my duties and leave the store,' she said on Thursday.

Ms Robinson is also suing over bullying comments allegedly made by area manager Megan McCarthy, who she says asked her 'should you be eating that' during lunch and that she 'wasn't inspiring enough', 'looked cheap' and had to improve herself.

Further, Ms Robinson is also seeking compensation for injuries she claims were caused by having to work too much due to a lack of staff.

During a shift she had to lift between 60-100 boxes and suffered a bruised external haemorrhoid, the court heard.

Source: Daily Mail

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