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Woman’s Warning After Dog Eats ‘Fatal’ But Common Ingredient

A woman from Sydney’s Northern Beaches has warned dog owners to be very careful while cooking with their pets around after her family’s dog fell seriously ill from eating a common cooking ingredient.

Katy Carroll from Beacon Hill said that she had been making homemade pizza for her family over the weekend when the “traumatic” incident occurred.

Ms Carroll had left the dough for up to eight pizzas in the kitchen to rise when her eight-month-old Ridgeback puppy, Bailey, stole the mixture and ate the entire thing.

After Ms Carroll discovered her puppies sneaky snack, she thought nothing of it because Bailey appeared to be fine at first. But Bailey’s condition soon began to get drastically worse and so Ms Carroll’s husband decided to take their pet to the vet.

“He began to show drunk-like symptoms such as staggering around, not walking properly and very disoriented,” said Ms Carroll.

It wasn’t until Bailey was examined at Northside Emergency Vets that Ms Carroll realised how serious the situation was. The vet said that Bailey had suffered from alcohol poisoning and a swelling stomach after consuming the dough.

“The dough was stuck inside him swelling his stomach up, the yeast ferments in the warm stomach environment and turns to Ethanol hence the drunk symptoms,” explained Ms Carroll.

Bailey was placed on a drip and his condition was monitored every few hours, however, the vet said that if they hadn’t sought medical attention the dough could have proven fatal.

Ms Carroll is now warning other pet owners about the dangers of leaving food like raw dough in the kitchen where it could be accessible by pets.

“I’d hate anyone to go through the same thing as us, we were worried sick and didn’t realise eating raw dough could be fatal for dogs,” said Ms Carroll.

“I’d like to think our experience could potentially save another dog’s life. We really had no idea pizza dough could be so dangerous!

Source: 7 News

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