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Why William, Kate and Harry REFUSE To Go To The Olympics

It’s been announced that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and their adorable brood) will not be heading to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, despite thoughts that they would attend.

The decision comes as a result of fears over the Zika virus, which has resulted in thousands of babies being born with small heads and brain deformities.

The decision confirms suspicions that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning to add to their family, as the new bub could be affected if Kate was to contract the virus.

Princess Charlene of Monaco also decided against attending the Olympics due to the virus.

Princess Charlene is a 38-year-old former Olympic swimmer who represented South Africa in Sydney in 2000.

Her husband Prince Albert was part of Monaco's bobsleigh team in several Winter Olympics. Prince Albert, who is Monaco's reigning monarch, said his wife had 'important health concerns', adding: 'She doesn't like what she's been reading and hearing about the Zika virus.'

Source: Daily Mail

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