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Why Was This Man Fined For Stopping At A Servo To Buy A Pie?

An Aussie man who recently stopped at his local service station to buy a meat pie was shocked when he was fined a whopping $112.

Ben Judd was driving to his work in Woollahra, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, on Friday morning when he stopped at a service station for a few short minutes.

Mr Judd told Daily Mail Australia:

'I was on my way to work and stopped at the BP servo as I do nearly every morning to pick up breakfast,'

'I parked in a designated parking spot in the servo quite close to the front doors, ran inside for no more than a minute.'

However, when he returned to his car, he noticed a police officer had parked him in and was standing next to his vehicle.

'The first thing he said to me was "Is there a reason you left your windows down?" I replied "I was just running in to grab a pie",' Mr Judd said.

The police officer then made him perform a breath test and a random drug test, which both came back negative.

'After this he started picking on my LED light bar (He was determined to fine me for anything he could),' Mr Judd claimed.


Then the police officer issued Mr Judd with a $112 fine for leaving his windows down and his car unlocked.

'As he was letting me go he commented that "if he saw me again he was going to pull me over", considering I was doing nothing wrong I thought that was a bit much,' he said.

'I had no idea about the law, I can understand it being appropriate on a main road, but in a service station... almost every car parked in there has at least one window down,' he said.

'Majority of the people I've spoken to had no idea about the law, and the few that knew about it thought it was ridiculous in a petrol station.'

According to the Australian Road Rules, it's an offence to leave a car unlocked or with windows down.

The law states that if a driver is over three metres from the closest part of the vehicle, they must turn off the engine, remove the ignition key, secure the windows and lock the doors. 

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