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Virgin Mobile Are Closing Down In Australia

Rumours began circling last month but it’s now been officially confirmed that Virgin Mobile will be completely shut down in Australia.

Australia’s second-largest telco Optus, who is the parent company to Virgin, have announced that they will be phasing out the subsidiary mobile network over the next two years after an 18-year co-ownership.

Optus are set to close down 36 Virgin Mobile stores, resulting in the loss of 200 jobs associated with the Virgin brand. It’s not known whether the staff will be moved over to Optus stores.

However, it has been confirmed that customers currently with Virgin Mobile will be changed over to Optus and those affected will be contacted in the next few days to advise them about the coming changes.

Those who don’t want to be assigned to Optus are being advised to start looking for a new provider that suits their needs.

“Virgin Mobile customers can continue to use their services in the same way they always have,” said Optus in a statement. “We will be contacting them in the coming days to let them know more about the changes and their future options.”

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