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Thought You Were Getting Cheap Petrol At This Supermarket?

Coles has apparently jacked up its petrol prices.

In a new detailed review by fuel tracker service, MotorMouth, it has been shown that unleaded petrol is on average 4c pricier at Coles Express than at other rival petrol stations across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The supermarket giant’s petrol is more than 3c dearer on average across all state and territory capitals.

The analysis has shown that the gap is widening between the prices at Coles Express and other petrol stations.

Coles has recently given up profits as it continues to chase Woolworths in a price battle at the checkout, but it now appears that they are trying to get every dollar back.

It also shows a huge turnaround from just three years ago when Coles and Woolworths were being attacked by the competition regulator using grocery profits to slash petrol prices.

In Melbourne, the price of Coles Express 91 octane - standard unload petrol - has been 2.3c a litre higher than the market average across the city over the past nine months. Last month, the gap was at 3.4c.

In a statement, Coles said it always sought “to provide a competitive fuel offering”.

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