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THIS Milk Has People Paying WAY OVER The Odds For It!

People are rushing to buy the closest thing Australia has to ‘raw’ milk and they are willing to pay $5 for 750ml.

Made by a company called Cow, they launched their ‘cold pressed raw milk’ in June this year as an alternative pasteurised milk and is being sold across New South Wales and Victoria.

Supermarket chains have recently been seen to be selling their homebred milk for 50 cents to entice customers into buying their product instead of the ‘healthier’ option.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Saxon Joye sources the milk from 300 cows on the NSW South Coast and while he admits it is mainly hipsters buying the product, people just really want the ‘authentic taste’ of milk.

'After working on it for a few years and having a bit of an idea that it would be well accepted, we have been pretty well bowled over by the response,' he said.

'We didn't know how deep a vein we would hit, and that's the thing, we knew sitting here in Sydney, we would sell it in Bondi Beach but am I going to have something to sell when we head over the Blue Mountains.

'That's where we've gone, "Wow, there are a lot of people interested in this less messed with, less processed range".' .

The milk is for sale in indepenandant stores; no supermarkets are currently stocking the product.

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