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This Is Why QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce Got A Pie To The Face!

Yesterday footage went viral of QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce after he was slammed in the face with a cream pie during a business breakfast in Perth.

Many people were left confused as to why the bizarre attack was made and now we finally have an answer.

The accused attacker, Tony Overheu opened up about the incident, reportedly purchasing the lemon meringue pie the evening before and keeping it safely wrapped in the back of his work ute.

He then claimed to walk into the building early yesterday and waited for a few hours behind a curtain until the audience of 500 people had arrived.

And why all of the trouble? It was not for a prank or any sort of joke, but as a protest against corporate support for same-sex marriage.

Mr Overheu made a statement about the incident saying, "Middle Australia completely rejects corporate bullying aimed at social engineering.

"What Airbnb is doing in Canberra airport is highly offensive.

"Outfits like Wesfarmers and Holden loose (sic) huge credibility supporting such campaigns.

"The blatant bullying and extortion of Coopers Brewery was totally reprehensible.

"CEOs need to respect Australia is a democracy where backdoor attempts to subvert the clear wishes of the overwhelming majority will cost companies (sic) bottom lines.

"Allan (sic) Joyce is paid $13 million to run airlines not bulldoze Australia socially against its will."

Mr Overheu wore a suit and a plain expression as he approached Mr Joyce during his speech at Perth's Hyatt Regency hotel.

Mr Overheu has claimed to have used a lemon meringue pie as his weapon of choice as it was soft and he didn't want to injure the QANTAS CEO.

"I see myself as a law-abiding citizen and it's no joke to do what I did yesterday," continued Mr Overheu.

After covering Mr Joyce in cream, Tony Overheu was grabbed by security and arrested by police who had been called to the hotel.

Mr Joyce returned to the stage after cleaning himself up to a round of applause from the audience and briefly joked about the incident before continuing with his speech about the company's direct flights to London.

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