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THIS Is When The Rain Will REALLY Stop In Sydney

If you look outside, no doubt all you’ll see is dark clouds and a heck of a lot of rain.

And if you check your iPhone weather, no doubt you’ll probably see it’s not slowing down, like, for the next WEEK.

With that in mind, we thought we’d call the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) to get some answers.

Jordan, Duty Forecaster for BOM confirmed that we are indeed set for seven days of no sun, with rainfall increasing each day into the weekend.

“So no patches of blue sky at ALL, Jordan?” I asked.

“To say there’ll be NO patches of blue sky is impossible, but there will be heavy rainfall, “ Jordan explained.

“We’re going to have quite a good week of rain and party cloudy [when it’s not raining].”

When asked when Jordan believed the rain would ease, he answered, “It’s difficult to tell at this point, but early next week would be the first point the rain would be likely to ease.

Please join me in thanking Jordan.

Don’t forget your brolly this week, peeps!

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