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New Scam That Has Hit Australia That Is So Easy To Fall For

Australians are being warned to be very careful next time they answer a phone call from a private for unknown number.

A new scam is doing the rounds, where the person on the other end of the phone will ask "Can you hear me?”..

When you say ‘Yes’, they will have recorded the moment.

The scammer will then use the recording to attempt to make a major purchase in your name.

By saying ‘yes’ on most sales calls, it counts as a verbal contract, pretty much like when you click ‘agree’ on a website.

Voice signatures are used by legal companies to confirm agreements over the phone.

The scam has also appeared in the United States, where criminals have managed to book holidays and even take out loans.

The ways to protect yourself; be wary when answering calls from Unknown numbers that are not from companies you know.

Ash, there are new call blocking apps available, which let you block suspect numbers from calling back.

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