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The Secret Sydney Beach That Only Appears Every Seven Years

It may sound like the plot of a cheesy movie somehow involving mermaids, but Sydney actually has a secret beach - and it only appears every seven years.

On a normal day Mackenzies Bay, which sits between Bondi and Tamarama, is a small, rocky inlet, popular among the bodyboarding set for its heavy swell.

But an impressive build-up of sand in recent weeks has turned the outcrop into a pretty, dog-friendly beach, something that happens, according to local folklore, in a seven-year cycle.

"Sand builds up in small surf, if it stays small it just keeps being dumped there," Waverley Council head lifeguard Bruce Hopkins said. "It's big surf that pushes the sand away.

"June was the last really big one, which destroyed a lot of the coastline. There's been nothing significant since then.

"I grew up here and it comes in a cycle about every seven years."

The "beach" normally looks like the picture below and beach-goers are certainly making the most of the temporary change of scene.

"The sad thing is it could be gone tomorrow," North Bondi resident Georgina Findlay told The Daily Telegraph

"The locals used to call it the seven-year beach... If a big storm comes it could be gone in the morning."

That's this weekend's plans sorted then!

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