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The REAL Reason Jonbenet Ramsey's House Wasn't Used

The nation sat glued to its TV screens this week, watching the shocking two-part documentary The Case: of JonBenet Ramsey. The show saw a team of experts point the finger squarely at the six-year-old's brother, Burke Ramsey, concluding the then 9-year-old had struck the beauty queen over the head with a torch killing her. 

The team analysed evidence and even built vital rooms from the Ramsey house to play out different scenarios. The rooms were kitted out to be identical to the Ramsey house, copied from crime scene photos and video. 

With such time and effort put into recreating the rooms, you'd think it would have just been easier to film in the real house. 

It's been revealed the current home owner, Carol Shuller Millner, refused to let cameras inside. She told TMZ she ''had no interest in dredging up horrific memories.'

She said she was approached by producers months before the documentary was due to air, but didn't let them inside, forcing production to build duplicate rooms. 

Shuller Millner also claims she has since renovated the basement since the murder, so it would not look the same. 

We just don't know how anyone could live in that house! 

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