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The Little Known NSW Road Rule That Could Cost You $108

When it comes to driving in Sydney, it’s not so much a case of if you get caught doing something wrong, it’s when.

And there are so many road rules that it’s not surprising that some of the more obscure regulations slip under the radar.

Like laws regarding securing your car, for example; something as simple as not locking your car when you nip into the shop can see you cop a $108 fine.

The exact rule stipulates that it’s illegal to move more than three metres away from your unlocked car OR from a car that has the window wound down even slightly.

You could also face a $108 fine if you leave the keys in the ignition – which could make it one very expensive trip to the corner store for a litre of milk.  

Oh, and while we're at it, don't EVER beep goodbye; even a friendly "toot" when you're heading off from your mate's house is considered an unnecessary use of your car's warning device and carries a $325 fine.

You have been warned!

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