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The Big Block Argument That Could Have Left One Couple BROKE

It’s been a bit of disastrous week on the Block for the majority of couples but the battles are about to warm up.

With Will and Karlie struggling to get their concrete polished after a workman failed to turn up, they found one at 7PM to start what was a five-hour job.

Problem is, tools down the site is 8PM, which means no loud tools can be used as it will cause noise in the South Melbourne neighbourhood.

The concrete polisher told Will and Karlie that the noisiest part of the job would be ‘around the edges’ and they believed him.. and that was not entirely true.

Instead, what ended up happening was Dan, from the most hated couple on the show Dan and Carlene, ended up dobbing in the Queensland couple as they were still making noise well into the night.

The result? A loss of $4,000, which when you put into perspective, is a hell of a lot of money on The Block.

An average prize on the Block can range between $5-$10K, which obviously means anything they make during the weeks challenges week is already gone. 

There is now severe doubts whether Will and Karlie will have enough money to complete their kitchen this week as they have lost quite a chunk of their budget.

It hasn’t helped relations in the competition either, with Will then turning on Dan when he needed to work on his plumbing.

Will told Dan that he was holding up the process of his build and to leave ‘straight away’ and to ‘’move your ladder’ as he was not welcome.

It’s certainly beginning to look like a big week on The Block and it continues tomorrow night 7:30PM on Nine.

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