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The “Awful” Start To The Closing Ceremony No-One Saw Coming

The Closing Ceremony is in full swing - and the comments are already starting.

The ceremony is being SLAMMED on social media by Australian spectators who are unable to stomach the chirpiness of commentators.

The closing ceremony commentary team of Johanna Griggs, Basil Zemplas, Andrew Gaze and Tamsyn Manou has been heavily criticised on social media for repeatedly venturing off-topic to discuss things barely related to the images being broadcast live around Australia.

Two commentators under fire are Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze and Olympic runner Manou, who took a twist away from the athletes to discuss the social media craze of “dabbing”, a move made famous as a touchdown celebration in the U.S.

Unfortunately for the viewers, it took away from what was happening at the Games - and many viewers snatched the remote to change the channel.


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