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You Can Now Tap On & Off Trains Using Credit Cards

No longer to we have to panic when we realise we’ve left our Opal card at home Sydneysiders!

You can now tap on and off all Sydney metro train services using your credit card, debit card or smartphone wallet.

This change comes under an expansion to the Opal card system which already allows this contactless form of payment on certain ferries and light rail services as part of a trial program.

This new payment method on the city’s train network was introduced on Monday with Transport Minister Andrew Constance saying that the change will make it easier for public transport users in Sydney, specifically tourists, to get around the city and surrounds.

“Contactless payments will also make purchasing higher one-off fares a thing of the past for occasional train customers and visitors to NSW,” said Mr Constance in a statement.

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Any Visa, MasterCard or AMEX card can now be used for public transport on trains and the same daily, weekly and Sunday travel caps that are in place for Opal card users will still be in place.

However, the only downside is that those who reap the benefits of weekly travel discounts, transfer discounts and concession cards will not be able to do so when tapping on with a bank card, credit card or mobile device.

Mr Constance has said that this payment method should become available on buses in 2019.

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