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Sydney You NEED To Read This Before You Leave The House

Today may mark the official end of flannelette sheet season, and we're not sure how to feel about it.

Sydney weather appears to have officially flipped out; while we knew Wednesday was going to be unseasonably warm, temperatures had already hit 20°C by 5 o'clock this morning.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders told last week that there were a couple of factors at play.

"The pattern has switched with cold fronts peaking in Western Australia and sliding south of the eastern states," he said. 

"This is leading to prolonged periods of north-westerly winds and above average temperatures, especially near the east coast."

But before you go calling in sick and heading to the beach, you may want to take those winds into account; they're going to keep maximum temperatures hanging around the mid-20s and there's a pretty good chance of showers later on.

So even though you'll need to bring your brolly, you can ditch the heavy winter coats and scarves for a couple of days.

Spring has well and truly sprung.

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