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Mobile Speed Camera Operator Caught Sleeping On The Job

An investigation is underway after a mobile speed camera operator in Sydney was caught sleeping inside his car while on the job.

The traffic cameras used in the mobile system are automatic however, they require monitoring while being used in marked speed zones.

The operator, who had set up on Sydney’s Norther Beaches, was seen snoozing behind the wheel of the parked vehicle, while those driving by were pinged by the camera.

Road safety experts have admitted that the operator should be concentrating on the job at all times.

“The operator in the vehicle must be fully cognitive the whole time,” said motoring expert Geoff Luff. “Going asleep on the job really is not on.”

Peter Khoury from the National Roads and Motorists’ Association also said that the operator needs to be able to monitor the technology to make sure that it is all working properly.

“You need to be awake to make sure the technology is working, make sure the warning signs are where you put them originally because you don’t want someone moving them on you while you’re asleep,” he said.

In 2016, almost 30,000 infringement notices were handed down from the program, which costs $21 million a year to run. These infringements brought in $6 million in fines.

The NSW government have commenced an investigation into the incident and are due to hand a report over the week.

Source: 7 NEWS

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