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Sydney Man Speaks Out First Time After Horror Fatal Crash

Bronko Hoang was the only surviving victim of a horror crash caused by a drunk driver that killed his pregnant wife Katherine, the couple’s unborn twins and his sister.

Richard Moananu, 29, was allegedly four times over the legal alcohol limit when he smashed into the Hoang’s car in Orchard Hills in Sydney on September 28.

As Mr Hoang attempts to recover from his own injuries he also has to come to terms with the utter devastation left behind following the car accident.

Devastated Newlywed Speaks Out For First Time Since Drunk Driver Killed His Pregnant Wife And Unborn Twins

He has since spoken out for the first time, calling for harsher punishment for those who kill unborn children and calling for the act to be made a criminal offence.

Moananu is currently facing 10 charges for the crash but none of these include the deaths of Mr and Ms Hoang’s unborn twins.

The current laws in NSW state that the loss of unborn babies come under an ‘injury’ to the mother rather than a death of their own accord.

Mr Hoang has since spoken out saying that it is an “insult” that his babies have not been recognised by law.

“The driver of the other vehicle may indeed face manslaughter charges for the two adult deaths - but how can grievous bodily harm charges for the loss of my twins be explained as an injury to my wife,” he said.

“I attended funerals to bury four people, not two. I did not bury my wife and two injuries, I buried my wife and my unborn twin sons.”

Ms Hoang was 38 weeks pregnant when Moananu’s car collided with theirs and was only newly married to Mr Hoang.

Mr Hoang suffered a number of injuries after the crash, including broken ribs, a smashed leg and a fractured cheekbone and was left in a coma.

When he awoke, doctors had to tell Mr Hoang that his wife, babies and relative didn’t make it. He was left so distressed that he had to be sedated.

Mr Hoang still has months of rehabilitation to go before he is able to go home.

Moananu, a father of four, is yet to enter a plea but he has been refused bail and remanded in custody.

Police told Penrith Local Court in October that they were attempting to test whether either of the unborn twins drew breath after the crash, as this would allow them to lay further charges against the alleged killer.

If police can prove either of the twins took breath before they died, they will lay further manslaughter charges against Moananu.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has since pledged to introduce laws recognising the death of an unborn child is her government is re-elected.

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