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Sydney Light Rail Project DELAYED After Human Remains Found

Sydney’s controversial light rail construction project has seen further delays after workers stumbled upon human remains while working yesterday.

Rail workers were digging out the front of Central Station on Monday afternoon when they found bones that may have been there for over 200 years.

Sydney Light Rail Construction Project Delayed Again After Workers Find Human Remains

Police were called to the site as work on the $2.1 billion construction project came to an immediate halt.

The gruesome find is not believed to be suspicious at this point as the site once belonged to the Devonshire Street Cemetery before it was consecrated in 1820.

Central station was built on the site in the early 1900s and the remains from the cemetery were supposedly moved. However it is reported that some people who couldn’t afford a place for their loved ones in the actual cemetery simply dug their own graves just outside the boundary.

Archaeologists will now be called in to examine the site meaning that the Sydney CBD light rail project will see even further delays.

The light rail was originally due to be completed in March 2019 but after multiple delays it’s likely that the project won’t be complete until around May 2020. At this point it’s uncertain if Monday’s find will push this date back even further.

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