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Sydney Heres How Much Longer We Can Expect This Warm Weather

Is Sydney in the middle of an endless summer?

It feels that way at the moment after another warm weekend even though we are now into May.

The Bureau of Meteorology is telling us to expect even more of the same through most of the week with temperatures forecast to reach up to 25 degrees for the next four days.

However we are expecting rain this weekend, which may affect your Mother's Day plans, with a maximum temperatures of only 17 degrees expected on Friday.

After experiencing some cool mornings last week, the next few days will see things warming up again.

Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott said,

"It's been quite chilly over the last few mornings. But this week it will be warmer, making it easier to get up"  

"We're looking at warm, mostly sunny days this week."

"The change will start to arrive later in this week with a big change in temperature from Thursday to Friday,"

Ms Westcott is warning advised Sydneysiders to keep an eye on the weekend forecast.

"As we go into the weekend, including Mother's Day, we'll see some showers and pretty gusty winds."

Bureau senior forecaster Peter Zmijewski said the temperatures have been well above average for this time of year.

"Over the next three or four days we are looking at temperatures above average,"

"A couple of degrees warmer than normal for this time of year."

Meanwhile, Sydney has received only half its average rainfall so far this year.

"We are in a bit of a deficit in rainfall, so this rain will be fantastic should it occur."

On Sunday, Observatory Hill in Sydney recorded a high of 23 degrees, while Penrith and Campbelltown reached 24 degrees.

Almost the entire country went without rain on Sunday.


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