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Sydney Couple Capture Horrific Road Rage Incident

Anyone who says that they don't get just a little bit of road rage occasionally has to be telling a little white lie...because let's be honest it can be a tad annoying when someone cuts in front of you or doesn't use their indicator.

And usually you say something under your breath or give them a little toot to let them know they were in the wrong.

But then there's those people that take their road rage WAY too far and it can become seriously terrifying. And this is something that we've seen happening more and more on our roads.

One couple driving through Sydney with their child in the car just after 1pm on Wednesday were left completely shocked after witnessing and capturing on camera an awful road rage incident.

The moment occurred at Greenacre, as the driver of a white ute with Queensland number plates appeared to cut in front of another car.

The couple started to film the altercation after they became aware of the other driver's incredible anger and the situation began to escalate.

The video that they captured shows the driver of the NSW number plate car getting out of their vehicle and shouting at the other driver to "open the f***ing door".

The man then continuously head-butts the driver's side window of the white ute and punches the side mirror of the car causing it to fall off.

The man who witnessed and filmed the incident has said that both drivers involved were in the wrong.

"The Queensland driver provoked the New South Wales driver, but what the NSW driver did wrong is getting out of the car," the man told Seven news.

The man also said that he and his wife stopped filming the incident because they feared the aggravated man would turn on them.

"If the bloke see my wife recording he might have hit my window. And because I had my family in the car too, I didn't want things to get worse."

A NSW police spokesperson has said that the incident has not yet been reported to the police department.

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