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‘Sealvester’ Sydney’s Sun-Baking Seal Has Died

The loveable Australian fur seal that delighted residents in Rushcutters Bay by regularly sun-baking in the local park has sadly died.

Taronga Wildlife Hospital confirmed that ‘Sealvester’ the seal was underweight and had suffered from eye and flipper wounds.

Vets sedated the animal and stretchered him away for treatment, however, he died in the van on the way to the hospital.

Taronga Zoo vet officer Kimberley Vignette Herrin said that their team decided to anaesthetise the seal after they noticed his health declining.

“We saw he had lost quite a bit of weight so we anaesthetised him to examine his eye and flipper wound with the aim of having a look at him a little closer,” she said. “He was about 140kg, a seal that age and that is should probably weigh 205kg or a little more.”

Ms Herrin said that the anaesthesia could have played a role in the animals death, but the decision to sedate him was made in order to help improve his health.

“The last thing we wanted for him was to slowly deteriorate and die a really uncomfortable death,” she said.

Locals were devastated to learn of the death of the seal that they had lovingly nicknamed ‘Sealvester’ after he regularly visited the Rushcutters Bay area.

Sealvester was first spotted lying in the sun on the pavement at Rushcutters Bay Park on March 24 and returned to the spot many times over a two week period before the area was eventually blocked off by City Of Sydney.

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