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Same-Sex Marriage Unlikely To Happen In Australia Soon

The opposition to the government has all but killed of the governments proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Labour has today formalised its opposition to allow a national vote in February.

On Monday night, Attorney general George Brandis released amendendants to the marriage act, which allowed a change of ‘man and woman’ to be ‘two people’.

Bill Shorten has said that he was yet to hear a good argument in favour of the plebiscite ‘The attorney-general has blundered again and he is now saying that the only way we can have the plebiscite is by watering down anti-discrimination laws against gay people," he told reporters.

"The cynic would say this government doesn't want the plebiscite either."

Mr Shorten thinks the best way to achieve marriage equality is have to have a free vote in Parliament this year.

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