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Ride Malfunction Leaves Girl Dangling By Her Ankles

A young girl in France could be the luckiest person on the planet after cheating death during a ride malfunction.

The error left her dangling by her ankles 50 metres from the ground, hysterical and absolutely terrified.

Onlookers below had no choice but to watch on as the girl was swung from side to side, potentially close to falling to her death at any point.

The ride, called Adrenaline, is essentially a giant swing. Upon release the straps holding her to her seat failed and she was dropped to be hanging upside down as the ride swung from side to side.

At one time she swung so low her head almost smashed into a steel platform at the bottom.

A video of the incident shows concerned bystanders attempting to grab her as she swung past, in a bid to slow her momentum.

Eventually, someone grabbed her arm and she was rescued.

The owners confirmed the serious malfunction, telling website France Bleu they were shocked by what happened and that it would be dismantled as soon as possible.

“It could have been more serious. It’s a miracle the girl was not hurt,” they said in a quote translated from French. “We are here to give joy, and not to make people afraid.”


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