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Pet Dog Found Hanging Dead From Car Window


A pet dog has died after being found hanging dead from a car window after it’s owner left it locked inside a hot car in a shopping centre car park in northern New South Wales.

A concerned local made the distressing discovery on Wednesday at the Tweed Mall car park with the dog found hanging from it’s collar and still attached to the seatbelt.

The man posted pictures of the tragic incident, labelling the owner a “scum bag” flow leaving both dogs and a cat inside the vehicle.

“One of the dogs jumped out of the window and hung itself,” the local resident said.

“For those asking the dog was already dead when I found it hanging, choker collar attached to the seatbelt, window down low enough for it to jump out.”

The man called the RSPCA and police and waited for them to arrive at the scene.

The man’s post has since been shared hundreds of times and drawn a great deal of attention from people outraged at the behaviour.

“Busy shopping centre, how come nobody saw this little fella hanging out the window?” wrote one social media user. “It would have been making an awful noise.”

“This is so heartbreaking. This infuriates me, why do people continue to do this?” wrote another.

Others have come to the defence of the owner, saying that they are probably distressed and devastated at the death of their pet.

“That poor owner snow devastated at the death of their pooch,” said one woman.

“It’s a terrible situation but they obviously thought a car park was a better alternative for a toilet break than outside somewhere in the blazing sun.

“My heart goes out to the owner.”

NSW Police have not taken any action against the owner as the circumstances did not indicate that the dog was neglected.

However, this incident, along with numerous others across Australia, has caused the RSPCA to issue warnings about leaving pets inside hot cars.

“Every year our inspectors are called to incidents where dogs have died or are near death because of the heat,” said RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty.

“If it’s thirty degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can potentially rise to well over 40C in less than five minutes.”

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