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NSW Inmates Busted Attempting To Tunnel Out Of Prison Cell

Two NSW prison inmates have been caught trying to break out of their prison cell by tunnelling through the sandstone block.

It’s alleged that the prisoners attempted to conceal their escape route from Bathurst Correctional Facility using toothpaste and toilet paper.

A prison guard noticed the paper jammed into the holes in the walls that had been secured in place using the toothpaste on Thursday and raised the alarm.

“I noticed near the cell bars at the back of the cell what appeared to be diggings into the concrete, and the mortar had been removed from around the large sandstone block,” said the officer in a statement.

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin praised the work of the prison guard for foiling the escape plan.

“We are all very proud of this officer, whose curiosity and methodical cell search uncovered this brazen escape attempt,” said Mr Severin in a statement.

The two inmates, aged 37 and 39, have since been placed in segregation but they deny all knowledge of the tunnelling. Investigations at the prison are continuing.

According to Corrective Services NSW, there were 10 successful prison escapes in 2017 across NSW, most of which were from minimum-security prisons.

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