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New Road Rule This Saturday Will Cost You $448

If you're driving in NSW from Saturday you need to be aware of a new road rule that is about to come into force.

Drivers will have to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency vehicles - police cars, fire engines and ambulances - or face a $448 fine.

The law comes into effect on September 1 meaning all motorists must slow down when passing the emergency services if they are flashing their red and blue lights.

Drivers who don't comply will cop the big fine and also lose three demerit points.

Bernard Carlon, head of NSW Centre for Road Safety told 'We want to ensure that people protecting us on our road network don’t become casualties while doing their jobs,'

'This rule will give extra protection and confidence that at the end of a shift they can go home safely to families and friends,'

The new road rule starts as a 12-month trial from September 1 in New South Wales.

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