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New Drink-Driving Law Slammed By Experts

In a move that has outraged experts, low-range drink drivers in New South Wales will no longer have to appear in court.

Instead, drivers who are just over the limit will now cop an on-the-spot fine, but won't face a judge.

The fine for low-range DUI has gone up from $482 to $561.

The new laws have passed NSW Parliament's Lower House but haven't yet been approved in the Upper House, in a move to try and take pressure off our overcrowded courts.


However, experts have slammed the proposed reforms, saying the changes would do little to dissuade motorists from drink-drinking.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Sydney lawyer John Sutton said on-the-spot fines won't stop people drink driving.

'Infringement notices as more or less a taxation rather than a punishment,'

NSW Bar Association deputy senior public defender Richard Wilson said giving fines instead of making the guilty party appear in court sends the wrong message.

Mr Sutton said simply issuing a fine will make some people treat drink-driving as a less serious crime, and that only having to face court will stop drivers re-offending.

'The humiliation and embarrassment of having to collect references and admit criminal conduct, culminating in the experience of appearing before a judicial officer is what is necessary to cause offenders to modify their behaviour,' he told the Daily Telegraph.

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