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Mutilated Pelicans On The Central Coast Sparks Manhunt


Two pelicans have been found at The Entrance on NSW’s Central Coast with their beaks gruesomely smashed to pieces but still alive, sparking an RSPCA NSW and Central Coast Police manhunt for potential perpetrators.

Pelicans are a legally protected species in all Australian states.

“While we are not sure if this has been caused by a malicious attack or unfortunate natural circumstances at this point, it does look very suspicious,” comments RSPCA NSW Central Coast Inspector Graeme Dymond.

“It’s sickening to see gruesome injuries like these inflicted on such beautiful birds.”


The RSPCA and Central Coast Police are asking for anyone that has seen suspicious behaviour at the Picnic Point Boat Ramp or surrounds to come forward.

The pelicans were rushed to a local vet, however were unable to be saved and were humanely euthanised as a result of their life-threatening injuries.

Potential penalty for such an offence: Serious Animal Cruelty under the Crimes Act with Maximum Penalty of 5 Years imprisonment.

Any information on suspicious activity that may relate to this case, please contact RSPCA NSW on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 178 358) or

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