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Man Still On Harbour Bridge Causing Traffic Chaos

A man has climbed onto Sydney Harbour Bridge sparking a major police operation and causing traffic chaos as peak hour hits.

Police Rescue officers followed him on to the structure but it's proving difficult reach the man because he keeps moving, a NSW Police spokeswoman told AAP.

Police negotiators remain on the road trying to talk down the man, who climbed the bridge just after 4.30am on Wednesday.

It's believed he left a bicycle in the middle of the road before making the climb, the Nine Network reports.

Two of four northbound lanes on the bridge have been closed, the Transport Management Centre said.

Southbound lanes toward the city are open with a reduced speed limit of 40km/h in both directions.

Motorists are being urged to instead use the Sydney Harbour Tunnel or Victoria Road and the Gladesville Bridge.

By 7am on Wednesday there were long queues of traffic backed up on the bridge in both directions.

Buses across the bridge are delayed by up to 30 minutes, but trains are running as normal.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is illegal unless authorised.


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