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Man Arrested After Terrifying Chainsaw Road Rage Attack

Police have arrested a man over his involvement in a terrifying road rage attack in Sydney’s west that saw a chainsaw pulled out.

A man-hunt for the culprit began after he was caught on camera pulling a chainsaw and revving it towards screaming bystanders on Horsley Drive in Fairfield on Tuesday.

In the footage captured on a phone, a shirtless man can be seen pacing along the road wielding a chainsaw. The man can be heard swearing and threatening the person filming to put their “f*cking phone down”.

A second video was also captured on a dash cam and posted to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page that shows the moment that the road rage incident first occurred.

A white Jeep is seen attempting to enter two lanes of traffic from a side street. One car stops to let the Jeep in but a black car behind this one stops and the shirtless man is seen getting out before sprinting towards the Jeep.

He then repeatedly punches the driver of the Jeep through the open window. The driver steps out of the car and the pair begin a violent brawl, punching and kicking each other, with one bystander joining in and another man attempting to break it up.

As the fight dies down, the shirtless man heads back to the black car and pulls out the chainsaw.

This man has now been charged but has already been released on bail. He is expected to face court on Monday.

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