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Incredible Lengths To Stop Fence Jumping At Perth's Arcadia

If you try and jump the fence at Arcadia, you’re going to have a bad time... for about three weeks.

Otherwise known as ‘that massive fire-breathing mechanical spider’ at Elizabeth Quay, prospective fence jumpers have effectively been told ‘yeah, good luck’.

Using a new type of non-drying ink and sea containers, promoters The Event Agency have gone to incredible lengths to stop those who haven’t paid.

Along The Esplanade side of the event will not be a fence at all, instead a two-storey high sea container wall will act as an “impenetrable perimeter”.

Where there is fencing, however, they will be trialling a “new type of non-drying lubricant ink”.

This ink will create a slippery surface that stains hands and clothing for up to three weeks (THREE WEEKS!) which will make it “easier to identify any trespassers who breach the perimeter fence.”

The Event Agency’s Managing Director Nikki Graski wants people to consider what fence jumping means for future events in WA.

“If it continues, it will deter event promoters and the incredible events in this state will cease,” she told Music Feeds.

This year alone, fence-jumping in Perth made headlines for being particularly aggressive. In June, Martin Fulton pleaded guilty to kicking security guard Michael Rigby in the head in a sickening attack shortly after he had jumped the fence. More recently, at least 200 people rushed the fence at the Listen Out Festival in Joondalup.

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