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If You Thought Your Tolls Were High Enough, Think Again

The glitter has settled, the streamers have drooped - and as we get over our New Year’s celebrations, a few laws and changes are coming through that may be of interest…

For one, travel is becoming more expensive… like we need that. An article on outlines the changes coming, with Sydney and Melbourne the most affected by the price rises.

Victoria’s CityLink fees are increasing, adding up to $31.20 to an annual bill for drivers using the tollway every weekday.

The maximum car toll per one-way trip rises to $9.13, up from $9.07.

In NSW, tolls for the Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Hills M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel will also increase.

The percentage the NSW tolls will go up hasn’t been stated, but drivers are sure to feel any sting, especially if they travel through these tolls twice a day every week day.

*Pulls out the bus timetable*


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