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Heartless Intruder Throws Dog Into Creek Caught On Camera

A Central Coast resident has posted security footage online in the hope of tracking down an intruder who heartlessly threw her pet dog into a nearby creek.

The video shows a young man acting suspiciously on Jayde Bennett's property at Bensville on Friday morning, before luring one of Bennett's pets to him and then tossing the small dog into the creek.

Fortunately the young pup was washed onto the shore where he was found by Jayde's partner.

 Jayde wrote on Facebook:

“We’re trying to find out who this heartless grub is that was snooping around our property for something to steal on Friday just after I left for work,”

“You will see what he does to our baby Prada and lucky enough for our cameras my partner goes back to find out where she is to save her this isn’t for another 2 & 1/2 hours later when he comes home for lunch though!”

Anyone with any information is urged to contact police.



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