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Gay Waitress Left Disgusted by This Costumer’s Comment

A gay waitress in Illinois, USA has been left shocked after a customer served her with a rude gay hate note instead of a tip.

According to Rock River Times, waitress Samantha Heaton has a tattoo on her arm of a rainbow in the shape of an equal sign and says that’s the reason why the customer left the note.

Because of that tattoo, the customers reportedly put a 0 on the tip line of the bill and wrote: “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus. Bad tatoo[sic].”

The Buffalo Wild Wings waitress never mentioned anything about being gay or about her religion to her customers. They just saw the tattoo.

Most waiters in the US rely on tips to earn a living wage and pay their bills, regardless of their religion.

Heaton says she is a Christian, and as a Christian she objects to their judgment and intolerance, and especially worries about the bad example they might be setting for the two small children at the table with them.

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