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Tostee Allegedly Called Tinder Date A 'Psycho Little Bitch'

An explosive secret tape recording has been tendered as evidence in the murder trial of Gable Tostee. A court heard how the 30-year-old allegedly called the victim, Warriena Wright, a "Psycho little bitch" and said "You’re lucky I haven’t tossed you off my balcony,” after meeting her on dating app Tinder. 

Other disturbing conversations included the 30-year-old telling the New Zealand tourist ‘You’re going to leave… I’m going to slam the door on you,’ and ‘if you try to pull anything I’ll kick you out, I’ll kick you the f*** out. Do you understand? Do you understand?" 

Tostee’s high profile barrister Saul Holt, QC, told the court his client had locked Ms Wright out on his balcony in self-defence after being attacked by the 26-year-old. 

“What occurred in this place is nothing like murder or manslaughter, it just doesn’t fit,” Mr Holt said. “These charges just don’t make sense.'

“We’re allowed to use reasonable force to protect our home and protect our lives and it will be our ultimate submission that’s what happened here,” he said. 

But in an opening submission to the court, Crown Prosecutor Glenn Cash said they were not accusing Tostee of pushing the New Zealander to her death, but they allege he locked her out on his balcony after a fight on the 8th of August 2014. He alleges the accused threatened and intimidated the 26-year-old to the point she felt she had no other option but to escape by climbing to another floor. 

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The tendered recording, reveals how the pair argued and physically fought with each other before Ms Wright’s death. A conversation between Tostee and his father was also picked up by the sound recorder, where Tostee allegedly admitted to having sex with Ms Wright and told his father she had beaten him up. 

Tostee’s neighbour who owned the apartment below told the court she was awoken to the sounds of a woman crying for help, before hearing ‘furniture banging’ and then what appeared to be the sound of ‘something falling to the ground.’ She claims this is when she went outside to her balcony to investigate and heard a woman scream "No, no, no,” shortly before Ms Wright fell to her death. 

“I opened the door and looked up and these legs were in the air and I froze and the body fell onto the railing of my balcony,” she said. 

Tostee has pleaded not guilty. The case continues. 

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