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FOUND: The Most Fabulously Festive House In Sydney

When you think of Christmas lights, a few streets probably come to mind.

It’s nice, isn’t it? Certain streets have homes that band together and put on a show-stopping display for passers-by, it’s fun and festive and totally in the spirit of Christmas.

Well, one house in Sydney has been decked out like nothing you’ve veer seen before - for an incredible reason.

A home in Greystanes in Camellia Street has gone above and beyond when it comes to Christmas lights, raising money for Westmead Children’s hospital.

Last year the home raised an amazing $8,108.65 - and this year they hope to go one better.

So make sure you visit 44 Camellia Street, Greystanes and donate as much as you can.

You’ll get to see one of the most spectacular Christmas showcases ever.

Keep up with their progress via the Facebook page.

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