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Ex-Cop Faces Court Accused Of Blackmailing Women Into Sex

A court has heard that a former NSW police officer blackmailed four victims into having sexual intercourse as part of an elaborate social media scam.

During a NSW District Court sentence hearing yesterday, Vaughan Mark Hildebrand pleaded guilty to 44 offences involving 15 victims over a period of a decade. The youngest victim was aged 16.

It’s alleged that Hildebrand used police computers at the police station to gain access to sensitive and personal information to target his victims.

The offences, which have been called a “vast episode of serious criminality”, allegedly took place between 2008 and 2017. He came a police officer in 2011.

Crown prosecutor John Bowers said that Hildebrand used social media to demand his victims send him explicit images, with some of them complying.

He allegedly threatened to share images with friends, family, partners or colleagues if victims didn't meet other demands.

Four women were allegedly blackmailed into having sexual intercourse.

The prosecutor also said that Hildebrand concealed his identity online and used “very high levels of deception”.

“This is a case, the Crown says, of elaborate planning and deception by the offender in relation to all of his victims, motivated by a need for sexual gratification,” Mr Bowes said.

Hildebrand will be sentenced at a later date and is expected to reappear in court later today.

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