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Footage Emerges of Boy Aged 8 Running for His Life From Abductor

It's every parent's worst nightmare. The abduction of your child.

It was almost the outcome for parents in Perth, who's 8-year-old son managed to break free and run from a potential abductor who tried to grab him and pull him over a retaining wall of his home.

The boy, who ran after the near capture, was caught fleeing by a neighbour's security footage.

The traumatised child ran for two blocks down Modillion Avenue in Shelley, near Perth and said that the man put his hand over his mouth in a bid to stop him screaming.

The boy's mother was inside the house when the incident occured, at around 6:45am.

Shelley resident Charmaine White found the child, who appears to be constantly looking behind him as he runs down the street, curled up on a median strip.

'He said "A man tried to take me from my backyard",' Ms White told 7News.

'I said "Did you try to scream?" and he said I couldn't because the man had his hand really firmly over my mouth.'

After speaking to the boy, it is believed that he elbowed his attacker in a bid to get free.

West Australian police are now searching for the man responsible, and have described him as 'slim' and 175cm tall.

Source: Daily Mail

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